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fun fun fun

well…the basics I am Calvin, the DM for the game, and my friends are the PC’s… obviously

First we have Tyler…ah Tyler…well, tyler is definatly the geekiest out of all of us. He is the one who would much rather play MMORPGs on the computer, then walk up a block to my house and eat free food and experiment with this thing called socialization…i know, WHOO big tricky word :/ He is playing as Norfire Huntinghawk the party’s mage. we are all lvl 4’s but he is far inferior…partly because he is a mage, and well, its Tyler….ooh norfire is an elf btw.

Next we have Ryan…ah ryan, me and you have been friends since the second grade… youre still in my grade regardless of what you say. hahaha remember back in fifth grade—oh…sorry Ryan is a Human Fighter lvl 4. pretty kick ass

S 17

D 16

C 10

I 15

W 14

C 16

Ryan’s charecter is pretty famous locally, and goes by the name of Altion, kinda like Cher or Queen Latifa...or is Queen her first “name”? hm….

Next we move onto Seb. Seb is short for Sebasian, you see. anyway. Seb, i have been friends since birth. but onto teh character… Xoreme a pretty bad ass name…..but a less badass charecter. the gang’s Thieve. average stats, nothing special, but lets not tell HIM that! he is the only character that is Neutral Evil. yeah, this isnt much of a difference from True Neutral characters, but still…..dont piss him off…we need him…...somehow….


Keep on the Borderlands Mod. B2 by Gary Gygax

a fun mod i have PLAYED a buncha times before

but never DM’d

its pretty fun it starts off with a bit about a keep and a town and what not…trippy…another fun option is to -smoke some- oh wait…thats ILLEGAL!!! nonetheless the keep has all kinds of rooms with diferent types of people and different types of misc. treasures… the best part is the rumor table you roll a die,and depending on the number, is the rumor that the players receive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great ways to add hooks ;) and its cool because some of the rumors are false, and some are true. there is this lord of the land, that if you donate an ammount of 1000+ to the inn, you can get invited to his special secret feast, and from there you can ask the lord of the keep for stuff you will need on your journey, as long as its in the name of the town and defending it. there is a jewel merchant and you can kill his two guards stealthily, and then take their loot, kill the merchant, rape and pillage his room. and then pull an Emril, BAM!!!, steal some horsies hahaha…if you want, you can take off into the night and go to the CAVES of CHAOS, where no doubt monsters, traps, attacks, ambushes, dark caverns, misc. piles of dead things, awesome axes, splendifferous swords, insert Q-Adjectives here Quarter Staffs, treasures out the ass, abundant XP, and great memories are inevitable xD i am a little confused tho…. someone PLEASE explain movement

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