Keep on the borderlands


OK…...I’ll admit it. I have absolutely no experience being an efficient DM. i have played D&D with my friends a couple of times before, but never have i been real good at being a DM. I first started to play when i was around 8 or 9. I made up a character (a mage, i believe) and on with the gaming. My dad was, coincidentily, the DM. he was great. now this could be the bias that “hey he is my pops, he is great and can do ANYTHING in the WORLD” or he actually was really really good. well, i know he is good, because last time i was a DM in one of our games, everything was clustered and out of control, unlike his. he knew exactly what to do, what dice to roll, what monsters to throw at us, every thing. i was completely unprepared.

BUT NOW, i have all the essentials i need. i have my trusty, “keep on the Borderlands” module, my fav…partly because its the only one i can use…don’t judge me…. i have all the players characters, i have side quests, monster tables, traps, and i know exactly what to do if the party gets a little off hand… ;) i have hooks, and NPC’s, i made a character that is half NPC half PC (i’ll be playing him, cuz he is a badass lvl 18 monk) that can possibly add a few surprises to the capaign.

this should be exciting….at least i’m excited xD

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